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Hello Everyone!
If you are joining us here then you are coming in at a very special time in the Venus Cycle (Oct 2018 – May 2020). Whether you follow astrology or Venus or not, you have been navigating the same energetic territory and I am excited to have you with us!

Fall 2018, Venus Retrograded in Scorpio and went Direct in Libra so her whole 18-month cycle (until May 2020) is about: power and relationships – both personal & professional. It’s worthy to note that the MidPoint was in Leo, which is Self-Love & Being Authentic. Those are the overall lessons & energies of this cycle. What have you discovered about your important relationship or financial decisions in the last year or so? Also consider the years 2010 and 2002 – what do they have in common with 2018-19?

The Venus/Moon monthly contact offers us the Sacred Feminine Light as Guides to keep us on-track with our own values & priorities, which do change & evolve over time. It is powerful to co-create with this rhythm consciously as it directly affects your Love, Money & Magnetics.

There is a rhythm of Release & Reclamation that we navigate together in the Venus Circle. You are joining us on the Reclamation side when I like to introduce new tools & resources to support the current evolution. We spent 9-months clearing space to reclaim NOW.

Cinnamon Rose of PriestessWarriorLover.com  is our Special Guest Teacher/Guide this month and she will be sharing her infinite wisdom of self-care, healing, sovereignty, trauma & shadow work that leads to breakthroughs of all kinds, mental, physical, emotional & spiritual – you’re going to love her! She is also infinitely creative and we will be working with our Creative Center ~ awakening passion and clarifying what we’d like to birth into form this Spring/Summer of 2020!

Call will be held at 1pm/pacific 4pm/eastern – JOIN US!
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Want MORE Details about our upcoming discussion Feb 19th?
This month is about the utter Transformation of who you are and what you want on the deepest, Soul level. You have walked through the fires of transformation and been birthed anew, like the mythical Phoenix. It will be easier as you begin to awaken the evolution of your purpose and clarify your true desires so that you are investing your energetic flow, creative flow & cash flow in a whole new direction. Some of you may be waking up to your purpose for the first time ever, while some of you are birthing yet another purpose after being dedicated to something completely different for the last 8+ years, either way, getting in touch with your goals & creativity is deeply supported this month.

MORE About Our Co-Hosts:
Cinnamon Rose is a trained Priestess, Intuitive, and Healer
. She began doing healing work in the field of Exercise Science and Nutrition, wanting to help others, and quickly realized something was missing. Science did not have the full picture, so she filled in the gaps of her education learning from spiritual mentors, teachers in the field of trauma and shadow work, and her own journey of self-discovery. She weaves together multiple disciplines in the area of the body, mind, and Spirit, and our connection to the Earth to create prescriptions for health, wellness, and discovery of soul purpose.
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Kelly has been a Shamanic Astrologer, specializing in Cycles & Patterns since 1996 and, in 2018, she got certified as an Earth Medicine Practitioner, officially dedicating her life to honoring the Ancestors, the Sky Patterns & the Earthly Cycles while vowing to teach, guide & support others discovering their own connection to the Ancestors, Mother Earth & Father Sky.

Fire Goddess in our graphic is: Cassiopeia Fire Dancing

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