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We are celebrating 10 years of annual 11:11 Teleconferences as a Community! We will all join in ceremony as we walk through the 11:11 Portal assisted by the Archangels of Light. Whenever we see the 11:11 represented it is a potent time, but it is very auspicious to walk through this gateway together magnified by the energy of our group consciousness! Miracles are the natural order of life when we work together.

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Shanta hosts the Compassionate Wisdom Circle which is an amazing global community that offers prayers for the world every month and she offers stellar guidance on the New & Full Moons, when I also drop in to share the energetic support.

Shanta & I have also celebrated various Gateways that have really opened up in the 2000’s so ~ 5.5.05, 6.6.06, 7.7.07 all the way through with a huge celebration on 11.11.11 and 12.12.12 and ever since, we have honored that time of day as a special prayer moment (when you notice the clocks) or the dates that line up with special numbers, numbers being a Universal Language. It’s a great practice to honor that Portal!

Now ANY 11:11 will do – it acts as nice reminder to invite the Angels, Ancestors & Animal Spirit Guides to walk with us and support our journey. This is when we gather for the Full Moon and we love having the opportunity to expand our Circle for these kinds of *special occasions* ~ I hope you will join us for this very special night!
YOU’RE INVITED!! ~ MON/Nov 11th @5pm (pst)/8pm (est)

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