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How to Make Your Power Wishes:

Each month, the New/Full Moons offers you access to the energy

that enables you to take charge of your life.  You can strategically direct the

energy present in the Universe to co-create your life and manifest your dreams.

Add the Transformative Power of Fire


The Healing Power of Color to Your Intent:

Use 7-Day candles to add strength to what you are trying to attract and create in your life. See below for color chart and what they represent so that you may focus on specific areas of your own life.

*There is an extra boost to your work when the current Moon is in your Sun, Moon or Rising sign.



When to Focus on Outer Goals

The two weeks from the New Moon to the Full Moon is when you should focus on outer projects and goals, passionately pursuing them and sharing them with others. This is the time to tap into the energies that naturally and magically support your plans, bringing your goals and wishes easily to fruition.


When to Focus on Inner Goals

During the two weeks from the Full Moon to the New Moon is when you should focus on your inner personal development and work behind the scenes.  This is also a powerful time to naturally release that which no longer serves; and consciously practice expressing your Highest Self. 

What to DO

  • Make an appointment with your Self & keep it
  • Take some time to clear your mind / meditate / relax
  • Write down all that you are grateful to have & have accomplished thus far
  • Write down your current wishes/intentions/goals (short and/or long term)
  • Write down all that you want to attract in to your life at this time
  • Give some energy to creating a space for all that you need, desire & deserve
  • Light a candle with an energetically corresponding color (For example, I always have Blue candles going for "healing, protection, creative flow and cash flow".)
  • Be sure to always open or close your list or letter with gratitude for the opportunity to serve in a way that naturally attracts all that you need, desire and deserve - plus add "this or something better" leaving room for the Universe to surprise you with exactly what is necessary at this time in your life. (I highly recommend that you remain flexible, very often the Universe knows better what we need than we do.  So open your Self to receive and leave a little room for Divine Order.)


Kelly's 7-Step Process to . . .

ARIES ~ Independence!

TAURUS ~ Cultivating Your Highest Potential!
GEMINI ~ Communicating w. Self & Others!
CANCER ~ Nurturing Self!
LEO ~ Accessing Your Authentic Self!
VIRGO ~ Accessing the Practical Mystic Within!
LIBRA ~ Balance Within!
SCORPIO ~ Authentic Transformation!
SAGITTARIUS ~ Personal Growth & Expansion!
CAPRICORN ~ Accessing Your Inner-Authority!
AQUARIUS ~ Activating Your Unique Contribution!
PISCES ~ Living Your Dream!

Choose one to focus on and develop.


A breakdown is just an indication that

this particular habit or belief is not working for you,
it is working against you. Release it and see where it leads.

Confront all that you have denied or suppressed.
Embrace it and learn how to express it for

strength, power and clarity.

Just TRY to do it in a different way and see what happens.
If the old way is no longer working, what do you have to lose?

Understand that you are in charge of INTENT.

Focus on who you want to become, put forth the intent

and release the how and when to the Universe.

Everything you need,

to become who you (already) are,

is INSIDE of you.
You've just forgotten what you're made of

... be quiet & still long enough for

your Higher Self to direct you.


Begin to integrate what you've learned

about your Self and your process

and watch your life bloom into something

authentic and fulfilling.


Expressing your truth IS FREEDOM

and gives others permission to express their truth,
thereby enabling everyone to







Choose a color,
thus an energy,
that you feel most
what you are
trying to manifest.
Remember, the
colored candles
are like
power boosters.




Add the Transformative Power of Fire


The Healing Power of Color to Your Intent:

Black: repelling negativity; accessing the Infinite; divination; protection
Blue: protection; healing; creative flow; cash flow; opening blocked communication; calm; inspiration
Blue-Black: for wounded pride; broken bones; angelic protection
Dark Blue: confusion (to create - must be used with white or your will confuse yourself)
Indigo Blue: to reveal deep secrets; protection on the astral levels; defenses
Pale/Light Blue: protection of home; buildings; young (ie, young males)
Royal Blue: power; protection
Brown: peace in the home; herb magick; friendship
Dark Brown: invoking Earth for benefits
Pale Brown: material benefits in the home
Gold: attraction
Deep Gold: prosperity; sun magick
Pale Gold: prosperity in health
Green: healing or health; fertilizing your mind with ideas that attract abundance; prosperity
Dark Green: invoking the Goddess of regeneration; agriculture; financial; prosperity (mostly money, but ALL kinds of prosperity); physical healing; fertility; personal goals
Avocado Green: beginnings
Light Green: improve the weather
Mint Green: financial gain (used with gold and/or silver)
Orange:  Career goals; property deals; general success; material gain; to seal a spell; attraction
Burnt Orange: opportunity
Pink: harmony; friendship with people; binding magick
Deep Pink: harmony; friendship in the home
Pale pink: friendship; young females
Purple: opening your Third Eye; psychic ability; revealing hidden knowledge; influencing people in high places
Dark Purple: used for calling up the power of the ancient ones; sigils/runes; government
Lavender: to invoke righteous spirit within yourself; favors for people
Red: action; passion; love; romantic atmosphere; energy
Light Red: deep affection of a non-sexual nature
Ruby Red: love or anger of a passionate nature
Silver: quick money; gambling; invocation of the Moon; Moon magick
White: clarity; purify intentions; can substitute for any other color
Lily White: mother candle (burned for 30 minutes at each Moon phases)
Off-White: peace of mind
Yellow: breaking mental blocks; healing; accelerated learning (mental, physical, spiritual)

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